Men´s Campaign


The 2014, Düsseldorf launched HAKA campaign “Men, who make Düsseldorf look good" was further developed in the fall of 2015 for Düsseldorf and relaunched in parallel for Stuttgart.

Once again, the centre point of the campaign features prominent personalities from Düsseldorf and Stuttgart, including:
Sönke Wortmann, Jacques Tilly, Giuseppe Saitta,Thomas Rath, Christoph Metzelder, Christof Kreutzer, Felix Klare, Thomas Geisel, Eric Gauthier,
Guido Boehler and many other well-known faces..

The large-scale campaign includes a short film directed by and starring Sönke Wortmann alongside an integrated series of measures comprising print ads, City-Light posters, a magazine, banners as well as different events featuring leading campaign personalities.

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