+++++ Exhibition in THE NEW YORKER from 09/22/2016 +++++


With a Leica M Monochrome in his hand luggage, Dieter Kraus set off on his way from Buenos Aires to the end of the world. His idea: to travel alone, accompanied only by his individual perspective and its frame of reference. The outcome was a true, incomparible discovery of Patagonia, capturing the remarkable beauty of this seemingly interminable route. Selected from more than a thousand high-resolution black and white photographs, 35 prints were ultimately chosen and are displayed in large format.

The photographs deal with surreal, almost abstract landscapes of dream-like scenes along the Andes, with snow-capped mountain peaks and rugged glaciers, including the Perito Moreno, and of monuments to heros, like Gauchito Gil, the Robin Hood of the Gauchos, and of such profane everyday places as zero-star hotels and the harsh world of Efectivos, where no-one progresses a meter with plastic money.

In The New Yorker Hotel, Deutz-Mülheimer Strasse 204, 51063 Cologne

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